Children Wear It To School Every Day, But Can It Be An Answer To The World’s Water Shortage?

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When disaster strikes around the world, clean water can be hard to find. The inventors of Fieldtrate Lite want to change that with their unique water-filtration system, which weighs only 11 ounces and is small enough to fit in a backpack. This video shows how the water filter uses durable ceramic membranes to remove impurities and illustrates how rescue workers can carry the bags to affected areas, even when roads are impassable. The Fieldtrate Lite offers long-lasting benefits; the filter lasts up to five years, and it cleans up to 2.5 gallons of water in an hour, enough for a family of up to seven people, according to USA Today.

Watch this video to learn more about how the Fieldtrate Lite can improve the lives of people in impoverished or disaster-torn areas.

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