A Beautiful Welcome: Cosmetics Company Creates Limited-Edition Soap To Help Refugees Settle

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Refugees leave their homes because their homes won’t let them stay. They brave the unknown and travel to distant lands in search of safety. Lush Cosmetics empathizes with their plight and has launched a limited-edition heart-shaped soap to welcome these refugees. All the funds from the soap go to help refugees settle in their new homes.


Hundreds of thousands of Syrians have lost their lives and millions have been displaced. Lush cosmetics hopes to make the transition to a new life easier for those who have been forced to run away from their country. By selling the Hands of Friendship soap, this company hopes to raise enough funds to welcome and support refugees.

Lush has partnered with Amnesty International Canada and International Rescue Committee. The company intends to seek advice from various groups that are leading the way in the efforts to resettle refugees in the United States and Canada.


Lush has gone a step further and decorated its storefronts in North America with signs welcoming refugees. People can also go to Lush shops and fill out postcards with messages of support and love. These postcards are collected from across the country and shared with refugees as they arrive. Though the refugees may face lots of challenges as they settle in the United States and Canada, at least they can feel the love and warmth from their new neighbors. Lush recognizes that refugees are humans, just like everyone else. They have been forced to flee their homes because their countries and cities are on fire, and they need to feel safe. This company is playing its part to make this possible with Hand of Friendship soap and postcards to support refugees and make them feel welcome in a new country.

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