Police Officers Amaze Disabled Elderly Man With A Month’s Worth Of Groceries

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A disabled 79-year-old man, who hadn’t eaten in several days, finally managed to call 9-1-1 for help after his caregiver took his bank card, thereby leaving him unable to buy food. While the perpetrator was apprehended, the efforts of the Mt. Pleasant, Tennessee Police Department didn’t stop there.

They took up a collection and raised $160 for groceries. Not long after his emergency call, the victim was shocked to hear a knock at the door, and even more surprised to see police officers with several bags of groceries. The Mt. Pleasant Police Department is also continuing to accept canned food donations at the station.

Good actions not only bless the person you are helping — they bless you as well. Click here to learn tips about ensuring that the elderly eat properly even on a budget.

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