How A Playground Brought Locals And Refugees Together In Jordan

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Unrest in Syria has displaced millions of people, including orphaned children and families who have lost loved ones. Many of these individuals have ended up in refugee camps in Jordan, placing a strain on local communities and resources. Seeking to help ease these tensions, Mercy Corps, a global charitable organization and Hunger Site partner, is working with the refugees to provide help, support, resources, and even a little fun. As well as providing emergency food, water, and shelter to Syrian refugees in Jordan, Mercy Corps’ work is intended to ease tensions between the local community and the newcomers. One way of doing this is to build playgrounds and sports fields for the refugee children and local young people to use together.

As well as helping to give the displaced children back some of their sense of childhood, having the children play together helps to break down tensions between their families. Similarly, the organization provides support to get Syrian children into Jordanian schools without overtaxing the educational resources of the country.

Other ways that Mercy Corps is helping include training refugees in negotiation and community leadership. This helps them to take more control of their situations, and facilitates peaceful coexistence with Jordanian communities. The skills from these courses are then used to work with local groups to build more shared resources such as the playgrounds and schools required to help the children, creating a virtuous circle of cooperation.


Other educational projects that are currently supported include business and vocational skills and Kurdish language classes. These investments help to ensure the long-term well-being of the refugees in their new environment, though immediate help with food, shelter, and hygiene is still essential.Dealing with the fallout of the Syrian refugee crisis requires long-term vision and commitment to supporting those who have had to leave their homes. You can help Mercy Corps bring vital short- and long-term aid to Syrian families who have fled to Jordan.

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