You Won’t Believe How This Couple Spent Their Wedding Day

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A wedding typically celebrates the personal love of a couple with close friends and family. Rather than throw a fancy private wedding feast, a couple from Kilis, Turkey, shared their wedding banquet with thousands of Syrian refugees.

The idea originated with the groom’s father, who balked at holding a feast while nearby so many refugees lived in hunger and relied on charity organizations for their daily meals. The inspiring bride and groom ran with the idea and contacted the Turkey-based aid organization, Kimse Yok Mu, to donate the money set aside for their wedding feast. In the end, the couple did more than donate money. Dressed in their tuxedo and wedding gown, the couple manned food trucks with other wedding guests, dishing up plates of nourishing food to refugees displaced by wars in Syria. According to The Independent, the newlywed’s generosity provided meals to over 4,000 people.

Syrian Refugees

The couple’s act of kindness highlights the great need for food aid to support displaced people in Turkey and throughout the world. In Kilis, organizations such as Kimse Yok Mu provide meals to the same 4000 people on a daily basis. Over several years, more than two million Syrian refugees fled to Turkey, placing a strain on the humanitarian system run by the government and the United Nations. Another two million refugees fled to countries other than Turkey.

Individual acts of kindness, no matter how small, help relieve this strain and provide moments of joy in lives fraught with stress. According to the bride and groom, the joy and smiles they shared with the refugees were something they will never forget. Covered by local and international media, their act also provided inspiration to countless others to follow in their footsteps and contribute to fight against hunger.

The couple’s generosity prompted friends, community members and strangers across the world to include charitable acts in their own weddings. Even without wedding plans, you can make a contribution to the fight against world hunger by visiting The Hunger Site today.

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