Four Women Making a Difference in Their Communities… And You Can Help Too!

Chris Low

Twitter / via @Matenwa

Twitter / via @Matenwa

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Christine Low is a Chinese American educator. Now the Executive Director of Friends of Matènwa Inc., she is a Vassar graduate, and got her master’s degree in Creative Arts and Elementary Education at Lesley University. She divides her time between two very different worlds, one full of well-known academic institutions, in Cambridge, Massachusetts and the other, one of the most resource poor areas in Haiti, on Il de La Gonâve.

“Back in 1995 I took a year off from my job to volunteer in an adult literacy program in Haiti. I moved to a very barren area called Matènwa. This community was trying to establish a K-2 school and asked me to visit. The students didn’t even own more than one pencil between their siblings and I thought, ‘If I leave my job in Cambridge there will be more than 100 applicants the next day, eager to replace me. But if I leave here, who will be eager to come replace me?’ That was the beginning of this intriguing journey that I hope many more people will join me on. It has turned into to a national and international movement to revolutionize every aspect of Haitian education.”

You can help Chris give the gift of education to the girls of Matènwa. Your support of GROW Haiti will go towards books, tuition, and a teacher’s salary.

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