The Story of Ivine and Pillow: Syrian Refugee Children Share Frightening Tales of Escape

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Hunger Site partner UNICEF have released a series called “Unfairy” Tales to use them to spread awareness about the refugee situation. This animated piece tells the story of Ivine, a 14-year-old girl whose childhood has been destroyed by the Syrian war.

“I’d have nightmares about those scenes, and I’d cry. I’d wake up, and my pillow would be soaking wet from all my tears.”

Warning: disturbing content. Parental guidance is advised.

Syrian refugees like Ivine and her family are fleeing from a war that threatens their lives, enduring perilous journeys with the hope of reaching someplace safe. You can do your part to raise awareness, share compassion, and help to work toward a day when Syrians can return home to peace and prosperity.

Speaking up for Syria’s children is an important first step. UNICEF needs your help to show support for their five-point plan to help build a better future for Syrian children. Sign and show your support here.

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