You Can Help Rebuild a Boarding House for Burmese Refugee Children

Recently, disaster struck at the Mae Tao Clinic when four boarding houses for refugee children were completely destroyed. A fire meant to clear a neighboring field spiraled out of control, eventually traveling to the boarding houses and consuming them.

One of the destroyed boarding houses

One of the destroyed boarding houses

The Mae Tao Clinic serves the Burmese refugee population on the Thai/Burma border. Since 1989, the clinic has worked to ensure that all people from Burma to have access to quality and affordable healthcare, education, and protection from human rights abuses.

The Mae Tao Clinic’s Children’s Development Center (CDC) provides a quality education, safe housing, food, and health care to the children of Burmese refugees in Thailand.

Two children were hurt in the conflagration, and 62 children are now without permanent housing. In addition to their home, the fire destroyed nearly all of the children’s personal belongings.

Fortunately, many local nonprofits have stepped up to help Mae Tao Clinic with short term needs, such as blankets, clothing, mosquito nets, and sanitation supplies.

Some of the boys who lost their homes in the fire

Some of the boys who lost their homes in the fire

At the moment, the children have temporary shelter the in the Teacher Preparation Centre in nearby Mae Pa village which is currently between class semesters. It’s a good short-term solution.

But the boarding houses need to be rebuilt.

For years, GreaterGood and The Hunger Site have been proud supporters of the Mae Tao Clinic and their various initiatives to provide support to displaced Burmese.

Now, in their moment of need, we’re calling on you to join us in helping the Mae Tao Clinic rebuild these vital shelters for the children impacted by the fire. Together, we can make sure these kids have a home of their own once again. Donate today, and make a huge impact!

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