Syrian Refugees Face a Bleak Winter Without Food Vouchers

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Insufficient funding. That alone is the reason that millions of Syrian refugees will be facing this winter without food vouchers, a crucial method of assistance that, throughout the Syrian conflict, has been provided by the World Food Programme (WFP). It has been estimated that, in order to feed Syrians in exile, as well as those internally displaced, the WFP requires $32 million (U.S.) per week, a sum that, as the number of refugees continues to ascend, is no longer feasible.

In effect, roughly 30% of the food vouchers that were once provided have been suspended, leaving millions of refugees currently in Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon and Turkey with very little hope as they head into the winter.

The video briefly illustrates how difficult it has been for Syrian refugees not just to adjust to their new settings, but to prepare for what lies ahead following this news.

It is expected that this crisis will be felt most in Jordan, where 1.1 million Syrian refugees are scattered across 1,700+ communities. But you can help. Here, and now. Read more about the efforts of Mercy Corps, an organization eager to help Syrian families forced to leave their homes.

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