A Quarter of Its Adult Population Has Been Lost in the Past Decade — Where Can Zambia’s Children Go?

In the past decade, Zambia has lost a quarter of its adult population. This has inevitably left a staggering amount (an estimated one million) of orphans with nowhere to go, and too often left on the unsympathetic streets of Lusaka, the nation’s capital city.

But what was the cause of this? What could wreak that much havoc? The answer: HIV/AIDS.

As you’ll see in this video — a trailer for the upcoming documentary, Trees of Tomorrow (Produced by Light Beam Productions) — organizations are still working to not only house these Zambian orphans, but to feed and educate them. And, from the people who are currently at work: though there is a lot of work ahead:

“Zambia has the potential to become one of Africa’s real success stories.”

There are ways that we can help these children get off of the streets and stay off of the streets. And we can help right now.

Cecily’s fund is a non-profit working to improve educational opportunities for Zambia’s children, especially for orphans. What we can do is help provide school lunches to a community school that they support.

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